Global Woman Book Project 2022

“How to Conquer Your Fears”
Firstly, we can help you in how to recognise it, second we will encourage you to share it, and finally we will empower you with the confidence that you need to own by sharing it with the world..
Have you ever thought to publish your story? You probably know that there is so much power in your story and I believe that we all have a message inside. We can help you to share your message in many ways

The power of your story

You Give us Your Story - We Give you the Audience

Would you like to write a chapter in our book?

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Connie Lee Bennett
Regional Director at Global Woman Club Paris
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Regional Director at Global Woman Club Stockholm
Giovana Vega
Regional Director at Global Woman Club Amsterdam

This is a call for women who want to write a chapter for our next book called:

“ How to Conquer Your Fears ”

We had 3 successful book projects in 2018, and 3 other amazing projects in 2019.
The good news is that we have now launched the new book project for 2020, but this year we are focused on one book only, which will include 20 contributors who want to write a chapter.
This book will be a collection of stories from inspiring Global Women. As a participant, you will be a part of this life transformational experience, where you will be featured not only in the book, but the project will also be featured in the Global Woman Magazine and Social Media.
You will write a dedicated chapter in the book to summarise your life story, how you got to where you are today, your vision for the future, and how you want to change other people’s lives for the better. Your chapter will be a combination of your story, your expertise and any example that you have by helping other people to achieve the same.

Why are we doing this project?
In a world that is dominated by men, it’s time to bring in a new era and help women build their confidence to share their story, create more opportunities for their life career and become experts in their field by focusing on their strengths. Sharing your story makes you become more visible and more present. But it is very important that you start sharing it in a safe environment that supports you and you don't feel judged, even if you do not feel confident

The world needs to see you, to hear you and we are here to support you in this journey.

Would you like to write a chapter in our book?

This project has as a theme:
“How to Conquer Your Fears”
If you feel you have a message to share around this topic, please get in touch

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